Mindful Movement

Move With Intention

How and why I’m different:

I am a manually trained therapist with a hands-on, whole body approach to problem solving pain.

I will evaluate your biomechanics (how your joints move throughout your kinetic chain), movement patterns, and muscle imbalances.

I will provide hands-on one-on-one treatment customized to your needs, education to improve your understanding of your body, and corrective therapeutic exercises that will allow you to heal and strengthen outside of our appointments.

I am also a personal trainer with a specialty in functional strength training. Once you are out of pain, a strength training plan should be followed to ensure proper form and mechanics are maintained.

My Process:

1. Obtain a Prescription

Your doctor or chiropractor must write you a prescription before we can begin therapy.

2. Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation will be 45-60 minutes. The nature of the diagnosis will determine how often patients are seen. Typically, patients are seen once per week.

3. Therapy Schedule

I will provide a customized therapy routine and schedule.

4. Making Payments

I am a cash-based practice and do not contract with insurance companies. If you would like to submit it to insurance to attempt out-of-network reimbursement, a superbill with the proper CPT codes will be provided upon request. Receipts will be given for submission to cafeteria plans. HAS credit cards typically work with my software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect

You will need a referral from a physician or chiropractor. You can have the referral faxed to me, or bring it on your first visit.

The first visit will include the initial evaluation, which will last about an hour. You will also have a little paperwork to fill out. I recommend you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. There will be treatment during the first visit, and you will be given some things to work on prior to the next visit.

Initially I typically see patients once a week. My goal is to give you the tools you need to help yourself. Ideally you will be able to make progress between visits, which, unless your physician recommends otherwise, will lead to less frequent appointments.

Patient Forms

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    Success Stories

    After suffering with back pain for 15 years, I was desperate when I met Rachael. I had seen many allopathic physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists, most of them caring and kind individuals. I was given shoe lifts, medication, and exercise regimens, but nothing provided lasting improvement. Over the years, the pain became more unbearable to the point of just accepting that I will have to learn to live with it. That’s when I met Rachael, and she offered to help. Rachael, like the providers before her, was kind and caring. However, what was different was her ability to listen and think through how I described my pain. After a thorough evaluation, she was able to realign my neck and back painlessly and with lasting results. Once my back was in proper alignment, I was able to work with Rachael to strengthen and train my muscles to maintain that alignment. When I’m with Rachael, it is clear that she is always seeking to learn more in order to help her patients. Rachael truly changed my life by allowing me to live free from the burden of back pain, and I believe she has been able to help me and many others because she is a life-long learner, a listener, and a true caregiver.
    • Abbey
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Mindful Movement Blog

June 2, 2016

Mindful Movement. What is it? How does it happen? Why is it important?

This blog is a platform for me to share my passion for helping people resolve their pain and improve their quality of life, as such, some of what I share will by my opinion. They are opinions based on information gathered through touching many bodies, and I hope sharing them will be helpful to you. Opening my own practice has been a career-long dream, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to begin building something that reflects what I truly feel is my purpose in life. I don’t think there is ever one right answer when it comes to the human body. The knowledge I have gained in my 17 years of practice is really just a small window into the infinite complexity of the human body.  I learn something new every single day, and I will spend my lifetime learning without ever coming close to knowing or understanding it all. I absolutely love that about my job. […]